Anttolanhovi Savusauna

Traditional Finnish smoke sauna

There is a magical smoke sauna on the lakeshore of Saimaa, Anttolanhovi.
Smoke saunas are the original traditional saunas that have become a quite rare in Finland. They provide a mystical "löyly" - a combination of heat, steam and athmosphere, and are highly prized by sauna aficionados because of the deep relaxation it delivers. "Löyly" in smoke sauna is very gentle and soft, not dry at all. From the smoke sauna you can go for a swim in the refreshing lake Saimaa!

Duration: 3 hours
Group: The sauna is perfect up to 10 people at same time and the fireplace room approx. 20 people
Availability: Pre-order all year round
Price: starting from 300 € 3h , including sauna rent, washing products and bench covers
Towel fee: 3 € / person
Additional information: There is a beach right next to the sauna; in winter, a hole in the ice awaits swimmers at the end of the pier.

Refreshing drinks and meals from the sauna menu can be ordered. The sauna is covered by Anttolanhovi's alcohol lisence.

There is a summer terrace nearby, for holding a small barbecue party, for example.


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