Clean tastes and genuine local food.

Local food from breakfast to late night. Local food and traditions are part and parcel of Anttolanhovi’s food ideology; we participate in the Portaat Luomuun (Steps to Organic) programme. Systematic development of the Anttolanhovi local food concept started 10 years ago. By today, the majority of raw materials come from more than thirty local producers.

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Carefully selected wines go well with Finnish cuisine

Anttolanhovi offers fresh and fruity wines agreeing with the Finnish landscape rich in lakes; the clean aromas and balanced acidity of these wines go well with Finnish cuisine. Stylish and balanced wines from small, quality-conscious wineries constitute the backbone of our wine list. The list also includes wines produced organically and based on sustainable development. All wines are faithful to their origin – the place where the grapes were grown.

Wines and ciders from local wineries, beers from micro-breweries

The wine list also includes quality wines from small wineries. Ollimäki ciders, wines, liqueurs, and home-distilled vodka constitute examples of local products.  We offer Marsalkka beers brewed by Saimaa Juomatehdas, such as organic dark, organic wheat, and organic light.

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