Bake with us Karelian pastries called locally " Karjalanpiirakka" !

Karelian pies are a popular Finnish pastry, originating in the east of Finland, Karelia. Every visitor to a Finnish house will be served these tasty savoury pastries. Today they are eaten throughout Finland.

What makes a real Karelian piroque authentic is that the rye based pastry is rolled really thin. The filling is added, the pastry folded and pinched to make pleats and then cooked in a really hot oven. The pastry cooks hard, but upon removal from the oven, melted butter is brushed on top of each piroque. The melted butter soaks into the pastry, leaving it soft and tasty. Karelian piroques are best served warm and an ample dollop of egg butter on top. Come and enjoy! You will learn how to make the traditional pastries. This workshop is suitable for all ages. These tasty pastries will be enjoyed with coffee, tea or with wild berry juice.

Duration approx. 1,5 hours
Level of difficulty suitable for ages 6 and up
Guidance guided
What to bring suitable clothes for baking (Anttolanhovi provides aprons)
Price 35 € / person, minimum workshop for 4 persons
children under 12 yrs. -50%
Fee includes

VAT,guidance, recipe, bakers´s diploma, and coffee/tea/juice


On request all year around

Service langugages English, Finnish

Program organizer Anttolanhovi

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